Fundamental Concepts of Educational Leadership and Management (3rd Edition)

In a time of high educational expectations and professional accountability, today’s educational leaders must possess a broad variety of skills that enable them to function comfortably and effectively in changing environments and under highly politicized conditions. The mission of Fundamental Concepts of Educational Leadership is to foster understanding of this reality among those preparing for administrative and managerial careers in pre-colligate educational institutions and to help them develop the skills necessary for working effectively within those environments.


This text emphasizes an action-research approach that is more eclectic and practical than ideological — compelling readers to think critically about the theoretical underpinnings of current educational practice and motivating them to solve problems using sensible, realistic alterative approaches.


The revised third edition of this text includes a number of new tools — such as activities, case studies, and instructional aids — which encourage active learning as well chapter review and reinforcement. The new edition also includes a table at the front of the text that links ISLLC standards with the corresponding discussion in within the book.

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    By Anonymous on November 03, 2018

    don’t say you weren’t warned This should be titled, The most basic fundamental concepts of educational leadership and management. I am glad I only rented this book for a graduate course I am taking. The course itself is not much better than the text. If this is an outline of what the education community thinks about leadership and management it should come as no surprise that the educational system in the US is failing. 30 years of sustained reform and restructuring is not leadership, it is stupidity. Although there…

    By Anonymous on November 03, 2018

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