FIND A PATTERN. Nikitin Materials. Educational Wooden Cubes. Improvement of Memory, Attention, Logical and Creative Thinking, Imagination.

Developed by educationists Boris and Elena Nikitin. They raised their seven children in believing firmly in the natural ability to learn and adjust to environments. They transformed their home into play and learning environments and developed highly intelligent learning materials – “Build Up Games”. Children need support in learning…specially with perception, concentration and creativity. These 16 wooden cubes with six differently coloured surfaces provide fun training in recognizing and combining colours and shapes. The idea is to put the coloured surfaces together to reproduce patterns ranging from simple to complex.

Two booklets full of attractive designs lead children up from easier to harder ones. Both the booklets contain patterns for all ages: the complicated patterns can be an exciting challgenge for adults too. Nikitin Materials – Build Up Games, were designed to help children to reveal their abilities and develop their personalities, sense of perception and concentration training.An important aspect is gradual increase in diffuculty. Children progress from the simple to the harder each time, setting their own individual paces. These materials are suitable for use by children as young as 3+ up to adulthood. They are used for some time with great success by large numbers of preschools and primary schools, and therapists. These sets are widely used in for left-right brain training purposes.

Nikitin materials provide the chance for children (and adults):
• to discover their latent talents,
• to develop sense perception,
• to train concentration,
• to do concrete task,
• to be creative,
• to enjoy continual minor successes,
• to learn independently through play,
• to develop an understanding of numbers.
Instruction language: English, Russian

Product Features

  • UNIQUE TEACHING METHOD by Nikitin, educationist, the founder of the methodology of early development
  • FAST DEVELOPMENT – Improvement of memory, attention, logic and imagination. Effective brain trainings
  • “BUILD UP GAMES” help to reveal abilities and develop personality, perception, concentration and creativity
  • HIGH QUALITY – High-grade wood printed in top-quality colours: non-toxic, no flaking, colour stays bright
  • Age Group: 3 to 99 Gradual increase in difficulty Used in preschools, primary schools, even nursing homes

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    By boris on February 01, 2017

    Highly recommend ! Pattern blocks teach children about shapes and geometry, as well as develop their visual discrimination skills and fine motor skills. I’ve been looking for a set such as this one for quite a while. This is by far the best set that I have come across and the way part is that it is for all ages. The relationships among the side measures and among the angle measures make it very easy to fit the blocks together so little kids pick up certain skills quickly and really well. This is fun and…

    By Anonymous on February 01, 2017

    By Anonymous on February 01, 2017

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