The award winning educational STEM LEARNING toys and games in the GET QURIOUS EXPLORER BOX and Augmented Reality app bring the adventures of Manu & his friends – Leo and Emma – to life as they blast off into space together. The fun experience of combining physical game pieces with an interactive world encourages curiosity and imaginative play. The EXPLORER BOX helps you create your own stories, build different spaceships and maneuver them within 3D space animations, record stories with four masks of your GET QURIOUS friends, and discover hidden artifacts in four brilliant 3D animated space worlds.

  • Build a story: By choosing different character, space ship, planet, and ‘problem’ cards, children can build numerous variations to a story, then read along or listen as the tale unfolds. Children learn about helping others on their imaginary space journeys!
  • Mask Play: Role-playing provides endless hours of fun as children put on different masks, then record their voices for play-back. There’s even an audio-mixer to create silly-sounding variations of their own voices!
  • Buid a Space Ship: Children can choose 4 different cards for building their spaceship, then scan them with the corresponding GET QURIOUS App, to blast off into space with their customized spaceship – so many variations to build!
  • Treasure Hunt: Children can play together as they find fantasy artifacts hidden in the colorful planetary worlds. As children move their mobile device around in a circle, they can explore the planet from any angle. There are numerous artifacts to find in each of the 4 brilliant 360 degree terrains!
  • 2017 TILLYWIG Brain Child Award Winning Toy
  • Educational toys and educational games that help with STEM Learning, STEAM Learning.
  • STEM Tech Toys using AR | Augmented Reality Technology
  • Free iOS APP. Works with Apple devices (iPhones and iPads with iOS version 10.3+ )
  • Best for children ages 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 years.

Product Features

  • AUGMENTED REALITY TOYS & GAMES: Products are designed to include not only the activities that come with each box, but also a corresponding FREE iOS AR APP that provides additional play value through the magic of Augmented Reality, combining real world elements into a digital game that virtually bring the elements to life in colorful 3D animation. NOTE: NOT COMPATIBLE WITH IPAD 4. WORKS ONLY WITH APPLE IPHONES & IPADS WITH IOS VERSION 10.3.3.
  • SOCIAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: The Mask Play is a FUN GAME PLAY, and provide endless play opportunity & helps even a shy child record & replay in their own voice to give them the confidence to engage in role play, imaginative play (PRETEND PLAY) as well as improve their social skills by role playing with parents, siblings or other care givers. Educational Games with lots of FUN & Creative game play.
  • KID SAFE & HIGH QUALITY: All printed material only made from high quality and non-toxic materials; Best STEM toys for ages 4+ boys and girls. Independently Third-Party Lab Tested. Certified Non-Toxic, Lead-Free and Phthalates-Free.
  • AWARD WINNING TOY: The EXPLORER BOX is an award winning STEM LEARNING TOY – 2017 TILLYWIG BRAIN CHILD AWARD WINNER. Educators and child experts believe in the importance of children playing by themselves and with others. Quality playtime sparks children’s imaginations and allows them to safely discover the world around them. GET QURIOUS INTERACTIVE STEM TOYS, BOOKS, STORIES & EDUCATIONAL GAMES help with multi-modal learning, improve fine mortar skills, whole brain thinking, and creative & imaginative play. Best for ages 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 years old boys & girls.
  • STEM TOYS AND STEAM LEARNING TOYS AND GAMES: Playing with STEM LEARNING toys in early childhood is important for many reasons. First, it helps young children to explore and understand the world around them. Plus, it allows them to collaborate with their peers, and express their thinking or creativity. Later in life, children with these skills are better able to answer complex questions, investigate issues, and develop solutions for real world problems. GREAT EDUCATIONAL STEM TOYS AND EDUCATIONAL GAMES FOR PRESCHOOL, GRADE 1, GRADE 2 KIDS.

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    By Breana on January 05, 2018

    My 6 year olds favorite part is the treasure hunts My girls (6 and 2 years old) just received their Get Qurious Explorer Box and downloaded the free App. This box is full of items that promote creativitiy, imagination, and interaction . My kids initially colored the backgrounds and put the masks together, then used the supplies to create and act out a play. Later, we downloaded the app, which brought the story to life. Inside the app, my girls built stories, recorded themselves wearing the masks, went on mutliple treasure hunts, built a space…

    By Matt on January 05, 2018

    Great app! Everyone in my life can vouch, I am not fond of my kids using any type of iPad, watching TV or playing video games very often. However, this integrated the iPad in such a great, fun, educational way that I didn’t even mind it! It was so easy for my 7 year olds to manage and use. They could create & record their own crazy stories using all the materials provided. Where we live it gets dreary and gross with all the rain and snow from the end of October until almost the end of May so we have to be…

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