ESL Classroom Games: 180 Educational Games and Activities for Teaching ESL/EFL Students (ESL Teaching Series) (Volume 1)

The book features a wide variety of reading, writing, speaking and listening games and activities which are suitable for teen and adult learners alike. With focus on warm-up, repetition and drilling, team-based, spelling and grammar, speaking and pronunciation, memory and concentration, turn-based and one-on-one games. It’s broken down into games for beginner, intermediate and advanced students which are designed to improve students’ motivation, confidence, enjoyment, language retention and get better results. And the best part is that whilst the students are happily focusing on playing; you can drill them with as much vocabulary and grammar as you like without them realising just how much they are learning.

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    By caribbean sea on February 11, 2017

    Make your ESL teaching easier and more fun using this book. If you are not sure how to teach a student who speaks only a little English or none at all, than, this quick and easy guide can help with tips for preparing for your new student, assessing the child’s needs and abilities, communicating with the student’s family, and much more. Each classroom is unique and this book is full of variants to cater for your group sizes and abilities. Author draws on the experience of teachers who have given feedback and contributed to the book. This…

    By Kurt Fowler on February 11, 2017

    Easier, quicker lesson planning

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