Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching, 2nd Edition (Professional Development)

This acclaimed framework for successful teaching practice–a benchmark for thousands of school systems and educators around the world–is now fortified with applications for state standards, formative assessments, and school specialists. Use the book’s 22 components of successful teaching practice to support novice teachers who are concerned with day-to-day survival, experienced teachers who want to improve their effectiveness, and highly accomplished teachers who want to acquire advanced certification and help their colleagues. (Based on PRAXIS III Classroom Performance Assessments criteria developed by Educational Testing Service.)

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  • Enhancing Professional Practice A Framework for Teaching

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    By Jamie Gilman on September 16, 2017

    The book moves slowly but does have useful information… Danielson’s Enhancing Professional Practice is definitely worth reading and I am pleased that I purchased a copy. Sometimes it is difficult for a teacher to remember all of the little things that make him or her effective in the classroom, and this book’s value is that the framework components really help give a clear idea of the habits and practices of an effective teacher. The book considers everything in the professional and puts it into perspective. I do much of what Danielson speaks of…

    By Ginny L. Huckaba on September 16, 2017

    Framework written by a (former) teacher FOR teachers Sadly, this book is getting a bad rap in many states where it is being used as a basis for a new teacher-evaluation instrument. The author goes very indepth with all the little pieces that make up the art and science of teaching. In training teachers and administrators using this book, I am very careful that they understand it’s intended purpose is always first and foremost as a reflection and action piece for teachers who want to refine their own teaching practice.PS: for any…

    By Anonymous on September 16, 2017

    The layout of the Kindle version of this book is much different than the conventional version. I already own the conventional version of this text. I am a big fan of rubrics in my classroom and also a big fan of rubrics when I am being observed or evaluated (if the administrator knows how to apply the rubric.)I downloaded the Kindle version during a staff meeting this morning only to find the layout did not include the rubrics in a table format; tables make viewing data quick…

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