Effective Online Teaching: Foundations and Strategies for Student Success

Effective Online Teaching is an essential resource that offers a clear understanding of how cognition and learning theory applies to online learning. This much-needed resource provides specific strategies for incorporating this knowledge into effective learner-centered teaching that gets results. The book includes strategies on motivation, tailored instruction, interaction, collaboration, monitoring and communication, time and information management, student concerns, and legal and ethical issues.

Designed as a text for online instructors, the chapters can be used for self-directed learning or in a formal training setting in concert with the companion Training Manual and CD.

“Tina Stavredes has done something sorely needed in the online teaching world —she has successfully combined solid theory and research with the practical application of instructor training. Both the book and the training manual are a ‘must’ for any online education organization. Bravo!”—Dr. Darcy W. Hardy, assistant vice provost for Technology Education Initiatives, University of Texas at San Antonio, and chair emerita, United States Distance Learning Association

“Drawing from years of experience and solidly grounded in an understanding of the adult learner and learning, Stavredes offers dozens of helpful instructor strategies, activities, and resources to support adult learners’ success in an online environment. Effective Online Teaching and its accompanying training manual is a ‘must-have’ set for online instructors in higher education, corporate, and government settings.”—Sharan B. Merriam, professor emeritus of adult education, University of Georgia, and coauthor, Learning in Adulthood

“An eminently practical book that provides clear and unpretentious explanations of the learning theories that are essential knowledge for every online teacher, together with equally uncluttered and easy-to-follow guidance about how to apply this knowledge to achieve excellent teaching.”—Michael Grahame Moore, Distinguished Professor of Education, The Pennsylvania State University, and editor, The American Journal of Distance Education

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Title The Online Teaching Survival Guide The Technology Toolbelt for Teaching Effective Online Teaching Effective Online Teaching, Training Manual The Excellent Online Instructor
Guide Type
Practical Guide
Comprehensive Guide
Guide to Pedagogy
Training Manual
Practical Guide
Audience Level
Beginner to Intermediate
Beginner to Intermediate
Intermediate to Advanced
144 + CD
List Price
Publication Date
June, 2010
March, 2011
July, 2011
August, 2011
February, 2011
Boettcher / Conrad
Manning / Johnson
Palloff / Pratt
Print Book
Kindle Book
Brief Description
Ready-to-use intro for new online instructors starting immediately. Gives just-in-time guidance mapped across phases of a course.
Comprehensive guide to integrating various technologies into traditional or online classrooms, such as social media, videos, etc.
For online instructors who want to explore the pedagogy of learner-centered online teaching and apply it to their practice.
For faculty developers and trainers using the main volume. CD includes narrated presentations, handouts, templates, and slides.
For experienced online teachers who want to take their teaching and professional development to the next level.

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    By Kathleen De Sousa on December 10, 2017

    A Primer for all New Online Faculty Effective Online Teaching: Foundations and Strategies for Student Success by Dr. Tina Stavredes is a must read for all online instructors with its blend of psychological theory on learning, cognition and motivation, its dynamic strategies for engaging, scaffolding, and assessing students and its practical information on adult learners, netettiquette, and how-to for managing behavioral issues. This is the Primer for faculty new to teaching online! Stavredes’ book is a helpful tool for…

    By Russell M. Schwartz on December 10, 2017

    “Must Read” for Those Transitioning from Face-to-Face to Online I’m writing a course to help faculty transition from the face-to-face environment to the online environment. This is one of the two textbooks that I chose. Each part summarizes a wealth of information that one might have to acquire from reading several books or a lot of journal articles. And the Exhibits are first class models of eLearning best practices. But if you buy this book for no other reason, do it for Chapter 16, which is one of the best write-ups I’ve read for managing behavioral…

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