Educational Trivia Card Game – Professor Noggin’s Earth Science

Fun and fact filled card games for kids of all ages! Features great topics like Lost Civilizations, The Human Body, Earth Science, Sports and more!

Players: 2-8
Ages: 7 and up
Contents: 1 die, 30 cards, instructions

Product Features

  • Encourages kids to learn about earth science
  • Includes 30 game cards and a 3 numbered die
  • Questions in form of trivia, true or false, and multiple choice
  • Both easy and hard levels of questions keep kids interested, challenged and having fun
  • For 2 or more players

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    By ilovedisney on September 03, 2015

    Good for ages 5+ I played this with my four children ages 5 – 14. The three oldest have been studying physical science this year. I like this game because of it’s different levels. We could ask my 14 year old the difficult questions, and we were flexible with the others. My 5 year old surprised us all by answering some of his brother’s questions for him. Evidently, he had learned a lot from listening to our Jonathon Park cd’s this year. When they heard it was a game about physical science, they had no…

    By Ben “walking in the word” on September 03, 2015

    Professor Noggin’s Earth Science is fun 0

    By TechDealShopper on September 03, 2015

    Proofreaders need to do a better job. 0

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