Educational Toys Learning Cube for Baby 19 Piece Set Includes Shapes of all Colors and Sizes. Great for Learning Sorting, Stacking, Shape Recognition.

Start your Imagination with Learning Cube(TM) for Lil’ Engineers!

This Sorting Cube contains 19 colorful shapes, more than any other of its kind!

– Is your child getting bored by playing with the same toys only after a few times?
– Are you looking for the perfect gift that your special Lil’ Engineer will love to play with time and time again?

Introducing Learning Cube by ETI Toys(TM) 19 colorful vibrant shapes for the perfect educational toy

– Toddlers will be fascinated to identify matching shapes and holes and aligning for the perfect fit!
– Encourages mastering fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and step-by-step planning.
– Comes with blocks of many colors and shapes including squares,rectangle, rhombus, pentagon, octagon, oval and much more!
– Made of high quality non-toxic BPA free plastic that are larger than Legos to minimize chocking hazards.

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Product Features

  • ►LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT: Babies will learn to recognize basic shapes and colors with this 17 block set which includes stars, circles, diamonds, rectangles and much more!
  • ►CHALLENGING & FUN: Each shape will fit only its unique hole. Identifying and fitting shapes into their holes builds fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spatial thinking ability.
  • ►SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: Encourage children to work in groups to match all the shapes. Great family bonding activity will have you and your Lil’ Engineers playing away for hours!
  • ►PREMIUM BOX FOR STORAGE: Colorful vibrant box will neatly contain all pieces
  • ►SAFETY: All shapes and box are made with high quality BPA free non-toxic materials and are larger than Legos to greatly reduce choking hazard.

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    By Ellybean on June 16, 2016

    Excellent Toy and Learning Tool! The Learning Cube by ETI Toys is a great toy! We’ve had a toy similar to this one in our home for many years and I’ve decided I like this model much better! My reasoning on this preference is because this model has many different colors (red, blue, yellow, green, and purple), a variety of texture, and all pieces are free from any sort of toxic materials.There are 17 shape blocks which all have corresponding spots to be placed inside the cube. The pieces along with the sides of the…

    By Amazon customer on June 16, 2016

    Great toy! This is a great traditional all American toy. I had one of these as a kid and now my kids will also have one. This is made of sturdy plastic and is fun and easy for your little ones to play with. With kids nowadays being so into electronics it’s nIce to have a simple good toy that they like too. I like that when my daughter is done with it all the pieces store inside of it to keep them all neat and tidy together. The green side snaps one. And closed. My kids can’t do it by themselves so you…

    By Nerdy Nana on June 16, 2016

    Our grandchild loves this toy and it is so durable and fun for him. Great product! I was excited to give this to our 23 month old grandchild as he is ready to enjoy texture, sorting, shapes, and working with his little hands. When I first opened the box I was very happy to see that this shape sorter was so easy to open and remove the pieces, unlike the one I used to have that was a ball you had to twist and pull to get the pieces out. The company made sure there are no pointy corners on the box design or sharp edges on the pieces. Each piece and the sorting box are…

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