Educational Psychology: Theory and Practice

The Eighth Edition of this popular text from renowned educational psychologist Robert Slavin translates theory into practices that teachers can use in their classrooms with a further inquiry into the concept of intentionality and a thorough integration of standards. This edition continues to have in-depth, practical coverage with a focus on the intentional teacher by presenting up-to-the-minute research that a reflective, intentional teacher can apply. An “intentional teacher,” according to Slavin, is one who constantly reflects on his or her practice and makes instructional decisions based on a clear conception of how these practices affect students. To help readers become “intentional teachers,” the author offers a set of questions to guide them and models best practices through classroom examples. Firmly rooted in research, up-to-date theory, and classroom-tested applications, Educational Psychology prepares teachers as no other text does. It teaches them to think about how students develop and learn, to make decisions before and during instruction, and to consider what constitutes evidence that their students are learning and succeeding.This edition includes a new focus on reflection, new cases, sections on brain research, programs for language minority students, technology, No Child Left Behind, and after school and summer school programs. It contains new critiques of assessment and accountability strategies and a substantially updated treatment of programming for students with special needs.

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    By Carrol on April 03, 2017

    I am very unsatisfied with the purchase of this Kindle … I am very unsatisfied with the purchase of this Kindle book. I initially downloaded the textbook to my phone, before I knew that I am only allowed one download. I cannot understand why I am not allowed to read this book on more than one of my devices that I own. I have never had this issue with Amazon Kindle before, and now I am stuck reading my textbook on my phone. I called customer service twice to resolve the issue, and was left without being helped. I would return the book, but then I…

    By JNWade on April 03, 2017

    Good text with lots of info, not same as 9th edition! This whole transaction was a NIGHTMARE! I purchased the book two weeks before my college course was supposed to start and the book was never shipped! I even emailed the seller the moment I made my purchase to see if it was possible to get it in time. They said they have a two week shipping time. However they didn’t even meet that! After I inqured with the seller nearly a month later! I wound up purchasing it for a higher price at my university bookstore, but did receive in less than a week. I…

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