Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology First Edition will help students meet the challenges of today’s classrooms. Future teachers want practical suggestions for why and how to use theory in the classroom. To support their preparation, this textbook emphasizes three challenges in teacher education: understanding and addressing the needs of the diversity of learners in the classroom, applying theories and research to the classroom, and critically examining teaching practices through reflection, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

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    By Anonymous on August 02, 2017

    This book came in the summer of 2012 before my classes (I ordered it early). It was a paperback so the cover would not stay completely closed but that was expected (since it IS paperback). The inside of the book was NEW, no other way to look at it, it was in excellent condition.I’m finishing up my class & haven’t come across ANY problems! This was a great buy and the product was true to how it was described! I was even given a personalized message in my shipping invoice. (:…

    By Anonymous on August 02, 2017

    By Anonymous on August 02, 2017

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