Educational Insights Space Place Pocket Chart

This handy, hangable organizer with colorful, washable nylon wall caddy features 12 roomy folder-sized pockets (7″H each) with a clear-view tag holder for easy labeling. Includes 36 labels to customize. Perfect for holding worksheets and tests, student work folders, learning center materials, lesson plans, parent notes, books, magazines, and more. Three durable grommets allow for easy hanging anywhere and folds flat for storage.

Product Features

  • Store and organize materials for school, work, or your in-home office in a compact space with this handy pocket chart.
  • Holds activity sheets, assessments, folders, center materials, lesson plans, books, magazines, and more!
  • Made of durable, washable nylon with 3 grommets for hanging. Measures 14″W x 55″H and folds flat to store.
  • Includes 12 folder-size pockets (each 13″W x 7″H) with clear windows for label display PLUS 36 blank labels.

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    By L. Superczynski on August 31, 2017

    Great solution when tight on space! I bought this item for our home. We are a family of five that is tight on space, and the papers keep our dining area cluttered. I had gotten a mail sorter, but found that with only 5 slots, it was getting overstuffed. Not to mention all of the surface space it took up. We needed a hanging option. I looked around and found this!! I just hung it up, put file folders in each section to keep papers from curling over or falling out (not to mention make it easier to grab the Bills to be paid folder…

    By Speedy79 on August 31, 2017

    Saves so much time! I teach third grade, and have several students who were doing homework, but losing it before it got turned in… I have a pocket now for each, and they turn everything in (along with a student agenda signed by a parent) every morning. It’s incredibly convenient! I can see if mom or dad signed, grab the papers, and sort them for correcting into pockets (at the top, where the third graders can’t reach!) The agendas are a bit heavier than a spiral notebook- and these pockets have been holding…

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