Educational Insights Number Bean Bags

Pre-K & up. Count on number fun with these sturdy, lightweight bean bags. Each 2 3/4″ x 2 3/4″ bean bag is embroidered with a number (1 to 20) on one side and its number word (one to twenty) on the other. Even numbers are embroidered in blue, and odd number are embroidered in red for easy identification. The bean bags come in a handy cloth storage bag with a Tip Sheet of beginning math activities for large and small groups, from number identification and counting to simple addition and subtraction.

Product Features

  • Kinesthetically reinforces early math lessons in tossing games
  • Includes 20 bean bags, each with a number on one side and number word on the reverse–including color-coded even (blue) and odd (red) to help children learn the difference–for active play that engages children in learning numbers 1-20, counting, addition and subtraction
  • Offers suggestions for hands-on early math games for large and small groups in Activity Guide
  • Provides storage for all components in drawstring bag
  • Washable felt bean bags are lightweight and easy for young children to handle

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    By mlcreature on May 06, 2015

    Had them over a year and still finding new uses These have been a mainstay for us since we got them over a year ago. They are tough. Easy to clean, throw in washer. Cute. Nice size. We use them for homeschool to make math fun. Our two boys (4&6) just like to play with them too. (we had to make an immed no-hurling rule or they get taken away, but they learned quickly) (I must say, tho, they don’t really hurt when you get hit) When you open your mind to creative uses for these, the possibilities are endless. Their fave game: hand it…

    By sassymom on May 06, 2015

    I searched high and low… these are the best bean bags for toddlers! This review is a bit of a saga…I searched high and low for bean bags to help my toddler learn the difference between items “okay to throw” and items “NOT okay to throw.” I was looking for something well-made, safe, and sized for toddler hands so that he could have an outlet for his desire to throw things without damaging the house or hurting others.These are really the best. Highlights are:1) Sized for toddlers. This means that they fit perfectly into a young…

    By S. M. HUNT on May 06, 2015

    Great toy for Toddlers 0

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