Educational Insights Multicolored AlphaMagnets and MathMagnets, 126 Pieces

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Multicolored AlphaMagnets and MathMagnets 126-piece set include red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and magenta plastic pieces. This set has stronger magnets than other magnetic letters and numbers to ensure each piece stays where you want it and doesn’t slip. Includes 42 lowercase letters, 42 uppercase letters, 30 numbers, and 12 math symbols in durable, stackable tub for easy cleanup. Each measures 1.5″.

Product Features

  • Early learning really sticks with 126 brightly colored alphabet and number magnets!
  • Set includes 42 uppercase magnetic letters, 42 lowercase, 30 numbers, and 12 math symbols.
  • Also includes a durable, stackable tub with a brightly colored plastic lid for convenient self- storage.
  • Perfect for class demonstrations, student work on personal lap boards, and on the fridge at home!
  • Super strong magnets stay in place with no slippage!

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|| Comments

    By Aaron S. Bush on July 06, 2018

    AWFUL MAGNETS! DO NOT BUY! Sure, a huge bucket full of letters and numbers is educational, but this particular bucket is a bad buy. The magnets are not very strong at all. And to make it worse, no one really thought of balance when designing this set of letters and numbers. Even with magnets, gravity still works. When you try to place a letter correctly, the low grade magnets and the weight of the plastic turn the letter on it’s side. if you’re very lucky, the magnet will stay there and just hang wrong. However,…

    By N. Theodosiou on July 06, 2018

    A little too expensive I like these magnets but would never pay retail price for them. They are just not worth it. There is a lot of variety in this bucket of magnets but the quality, size and selection do not justify the price. They are comparable in size to those that you can find in a typical toy store. The size description must be for the upper case letters and the numbers only because the lower case letters and math symbols are half the size or smaller. Also, be aware these are a choking hazard. The lower case…

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