Educational Insights Hot Dots Reading Readiness

Letters, colors, shapes, numbers, sounds, and rhymes. 36 Double-sided cards feature 72 phonics activities per set. Ages 5+/Grades K+

Product Features

  • The self-checking phonics program for beginning readers
  • 72 lessons per set
  • “Reading Readiness” includes letters, colors, shapes, numbers, sounds and rhymes
  • 36 double-sided cards in sturdy storage box
  • To be used with the Hot Dots pen, sold separately
  • Interactive card set
  • 36 Double-sided cards feature 72 phonics activities per set
  • Ages 5+/Grades K+

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    By Sabrina S on May 08, 2015

    Great for beginning readers My three year old son received these cards along with the Hot Dots Talking Pen from Santa Claus this year. Even though he also received some flashy electronic toys and play food, this was the first thing he played with when he finished opening his presents. He loves the sense of gratification he gets from getting the right answer and hearing the pen say, “Correct!” He is also learning to recognize more words thanks to these cards. He can select the word “purple” from the choices on the card…

    By Kindle Customer on May 08, 2015

    He likes it. I ordered this for son who is 6 years old. he loves it. I also ordered the dog pen to go along with it. he especially like the responses he get from the pen.when you get three answer correct. it really gets animated. it shakes and praises. I wish the pen could tell him why they answer is wrong instead of flashing red. for example if if you are looking for rhyming words for hen and you click on pig. I wish it would say no this is a pig. other than that. I like the product and plan to order…

    By Anonymous on May 08, 2015

    I ordered a lot more sets. They work well for both of my kids, ages 4 and 5. I had especially wanted this since my son (age 5) hates all things reading and does much better with electronics. He did this by himself and really enjoyed it. It’s helped out a lot. I wish the pens said more and explained why their answer is wrong or right, but maybe they’ll change some things in the future.Also, on some of the cards they have to hit the dots in certain areas for it to tell them it is…

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