Educational Insights GreenThumb Classroom Greenhouse

Two-tiered classroom greenhouse with two sturdy wire shelves. Includes a clear vinyl cover that fits snugly over metal frame with a large zippered opening to protect plants for year-round gardening. Measures 38”H x 19”W x 36”D.

Product Features

  • Two-tiered greenhouse that assembles in minutes
  • Sturdy wire shelves that keep the potted plants off the ground
  • Clear vinyl cover fits snugly over metal frame
  • Zippered opening ties open to allow access to plants inside
  • Assembled greenhouse measures 38″H x 36″W x 19″D

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|| Comments

    By Ann Marie on January 07, 2018

    This is attractive and useful In the spring I used it on the deck with the plastic on to protect new plants from frosty nights and cold rain. Now that it’s summer I’m storing the plastic cover in the garage and using the unit as attractive shelving. I think the ‘house’ shape is cute. There’s a span of about 13 inches between the shelves, even more height on the top shelf, plenty for my plants. The shelves are wide mesh metal, good for water drainage. Now halfway thru a very humid and rainy summer there’s no sign of rust or…

    By julia on January 07, 2018

    Small greenhouse

    By Anonymous on January 07, 2018

    Pretty good for the price. Despite what some of the reviews say, even on windy days I have no fear that the shelf will topple or blow away, but maybe it depends on how well you build it. All the pieces fit securely together and for the price, it holds a fair amount. I can fit about 10 of my succulents in there as well as two of my flowering bonsai’s on the top shelf. I did however not give this five stars because after a three day rain and windstorm here in NJ, I noticed that there was a little…

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