Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. Kidnoculars

The only binoculars designed specifically for little kids. Enlarged focus-free eyepieces—more than 3 times the size of ordinary binoculars—and perfect-fit goggles with placement guide enable kids (even toddlers) to see up close. Grades Pre-K+/Ages 3+

Product Features

  • The only binoculars specifically designed for kids
  • Focus-free, 2x magnification
  • Enlarged eye pieces and foolproof placement goggles
  • Breakaway neckstrap
  • Grades Pre-K+/Ages 3+

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    By Crafty mama on May 26, 2015

    Absolutely great for children I bought these for my sons before a nature vacation. Since the magnification is actually pretty weak (only has 2x magnification – makes things look like they are twice as close as they are), I was a bit skeptical, and was tempted to buy fancier ones.But these are less than 8 ounces each. They are also pretty unbreakable and incredibly safe. My two and six year old’s must have found the strap comfortable, because they wore them all over the place. When one pulled on them too hard, the…

    By Amazon Customer “mommieof2” on May 26, 2015

    PERFECT binoculars for kids 0

    By M. Ford on May 26, 2015

    My 5 year old LOVED these! My 5 year old got these kidnoculars as a gift. When I saw them I figured that she would like them but it turns out that they appealed to her even more than I thought they would. The day she got them she spent the afternoon walking around the house and looking at things through her new kidnoculars. She also had me take her on a walk around the neighborhood so she could look at the birds, grass, trees etc… through the kidnoculars. She spotted some nests (including a little hummingbird nest)…

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