Educational Insights Geosafari Jr Bugwatch

A closer look at nature. Place the unique cone over the scope and see your specimen from both the top AND bottom. 7-Piece set includes the 2-piece Double-Viewer, 3 collecting jars with magnifying lids (small, medium, and large), and 2 pairs of tweezers for collecting samples. Ages 5+.

Product Features

  • Take closer look at nature
  • Special view allows you see your specimen from the top and bottom
  • Perfect for viewing bugs, rocks, flowers, leaves and more
  • 7 pieces set includes two pieces Double Viewer, collecting jars, and pairs of tweezers
  • For Ages 5+

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    By JC on May 13, 2015

    Love this little bug kit! 0

    By Elsie on May 13, 2015

    Bug Watch, bug collection & viewer for children 0

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