Educational Insights Dino Construction Company Rescue Crew Turbo The Triceratops Police SUV Toy

Help is on the way! The Dino Construction Company can navigate to any rescue mission by land, air, or sea! Serving up a ferocious dose of imaginative play, these daring dinos are perfect for indoor and outdoor play on dirt, sand, snow.even water! Turbo the Triceratops Police SUV puts a prehistoric twist on action-adventure imaginative play! Turbo features rolling, dino-track wheels; a segmented, movable tail; opening jaws and cab roof; and even a Dino-man action figure.

Product Features

  • SUV with rolling, dino-track wheels; segmented, movable tail; opening jaws; opening cab roof; and Dino-man action figure
  • Perfect for prehistoric pretend play!
  • Great for indoor and outdoor play on dirt, sand, and snow
  • Collect the whole crew! Look for Cyclone the Pteranodon Helicopter and Blaze the Plesiosaurus Fire Boat (sold separately)

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