Twenty-six lightweight, surface-washable, kid-size beanbags are embroidered with uppercase letters on one side, and lowercase letters on the other. Vowels are color-coded. Comes in a cloth drawstring storage bag. Includes a “Tip Sheet” packed with fun activities that make learning the alphabet an exciting visual and kinesthetic experience.

Product Features

  • Active play that helps teach children the alphabet! Use our 26 soft, easy-catch beanbags for fun, hands-on learning.
  • Toss and learn! Washable felt beanbags are lightweight and easy for young children to handle.
  • Each beanbag has an uppercase letter on one side and a lowercase letter on the other. Also features color-coded consonants (blue) and vowels (red).
  • Features 26 beanbags, an activity guide with 7 hands-on alphabet games, and a handy drawstring bag for easy storage.
  • Kinesthetically reinforces early literacy lessons in tossing games.

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    By fitnessjunky on August 13, 2016

    Not for throwing

    By Linda T. Le on August 13, 2016

    Looks a little cheap, but serves its purpose

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