Educational Belly Slapper

There are numerous educators that would admit they need more knowledge in their specific area or product. Sometimes, there are opportunities for educators to gain knowledge, but just not in their area of expertise. There is also a strong belief that two different curriculums are present in all educational institutions. The two that exist for educators are a planned curriculum and an unplanned curriculum. These stories are a part of the unplanned curriculum in the life of an educator. The stories in this book are true, as told by the author and the contributors listed in the back of the book. All names and locations used in each story are fictitious.

As you read this book of true educational experiences, I hope you will see and agree that the unplanned curriculum is needed for a balance of the educational life. We could not enjoy a high quality of school life without the laughter of educators and students.

Schools are a serious experience for all involved in the educational process. The childhood years are an experience that we all can relate to and have in common. People need humor and laughter to balance the serious experience of education. Children often leave us with opportunities to laugh and enjoy life at its fullest potential.

Some of the most successful television shows have centered on what children say and do. I am in hopes that this collection of true human experiences will add to your memories and cause much laughter and delight from the reading of this material.

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