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The Educational Audiology Handbook is the recognized standard for students being trained in and professionals working in educational settings. Its straightforward presentation of the scope of educational audiology practice, the establishment of high-quality programs, and full integration into the school staff are hallmarks of this practical and informative text. Chapter appendices throughout are filled with form letters, parent handouts, instruction sheets, and protocols making this resource the bible for audiology practice in the school setting. A CD containing the forms, parent letters, handouts, and instruction sheets from the book, in ready-to-use PDF and customizable formats, is included with the new edition.

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    By From the Authors on May 14, 2015

    2nd edition clarification The information displayed regarding the 2nd edition of the Educational Audiology Handbook is misleading. When you order the text you will receive the 2nd edition (June 2011) as well as the accompanying CD of forms, protocols, and other documents. When you click to open the book it currently reverts back to the 1st edtion and its contents- you will need to ignore this out-dated information. The 2nd edition includes 4 additional chapters as well as updated and new appendices. Also, do not order…

    By Carrie Spangler on May 14, 2015

    Educational Audiology Handbook 2nd Edition, Essential for Professional Library The Educational Audiology Handbook, 2nd Edition offers up to date information about serving children with hearing loss in the schools. Just as the first edition of this book was an absolute “necessity” for Educational and Pediatric Audiologists….the second edition is the Updated Essential for your professional practice library. This book offers comprehensive educational audiology practices and practical tools and handouts. The CD which is included offers documents, forms, and handouts…

    By K. Chipman “frostandut” on May 14, 2015

    decent content, lousy cover I needed this book for a college class and bought it from Amazon since my college bookstore was out. It is a bit dated (and I hear that the new edition will be coming soon), but the material is good. I especially like having the pediatric word lists in the indexes so I can use them for MLV testing right away. I did not buy the supplemental disc because everything on the disc is included in print form in the indexes. This book was “new” and was wrapped in plastic, but the cover had some…

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