Educational Audiology Handbook (Singular Audiology Text)

Written by recognized leaders in educational audiology, this text has become the standard for all courses that train audiology students on their roles and responsibilities working in educational settings. Its straightforward presentation of scope of educational audiology practice, the establishment of high-quality programs, and full integration into the school staff are hallmarks of this practical and informative textbook. An appendix of form letters, parent handouts, instruction sheets, and protocols rounds out this “bible” for audiology students who plan to work in schools. Now the leading educational audiology textbook is updated with the addition of a cross-platform CD-ROM containing the majority of the forms, parent letters, handouts, and instruction sheets from the appendix of the book. Customize the letters and forms and download them for immediate use! Supplements Computer Supplement IBM Disk 1-56593891-7 Computer Supplement MAC Disk 1-56593-890-9

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    By K. Chipman on March 12, 2017

    decent content, lousy cover I needed this book for a college class and bought it from Amazon since my college bookstore was out. It is a bit dated (and I hear that the new edition will be coming soon), but the material is good. I especially like having the pediatric word lists in the indexes so I can use them for MLV testing right away. I did not buy the supplemental disc because everything on the disc is included in print form in the indexes. This book was “new” and was wrapped in plastic, but the cover had some…

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