Educational Assessment of Students (3rd Edition)

For courses in classroom assessment. This highly-respected core text provides complete and detailed practical coverage of (1) teacher constructed classroom assessments (paper and pencil assessments, informal assessments, and performance and product assessments), (2) standardized assessments used in schools, and (3) measurement issues that determine assessment quality. Teaches assessment concepts that are critical for good teaching. Easy to read, it is written for the introductory student. It uses a large number of real-life examples to serve as models for assessment practice.

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    By Andrew Williams on July 11, 2017

    Essential guide to understanding methods of student assessment, development and use in education I am developing a pre-post-test for my completely online course. I had taken a psychometric course from Dr. Sivo at a university. I need to develop a blueprint and I was floundering. While he used another book in class, he steered me to this one. His is edition 5, mine is edition 6 and there is an edition 7out. I was disappointed to see in the 6th edition they changed the formatting of the presentation from edition 5. I liked the other format, but the one they used did the job of…

    By Anonymous on July 11, 2017

    By Anonymous on July 11, 2017

    This textbook provides a broad and thorough overview of many assessment tools including essays, portfolios and standardized tests. The textbook covers many areas including:1) How to choose assessments based on learning objectives and contextual factors2) How to develop and evaluate classroom assessments.3) How the validity of assessment effect results4) How to use formative assessment5) How to interpret and use standardized testsThe most…

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