Didax Educational Resources Montessori Shapes Set

These ten, plastic Montessori shapes with knobs and matching bases give students the option of using the shapes as stencils or for shape recognition and matching. Shapes measure 5″ x 5″. actual color: pink, and blue.

Product Features

  • For grades pre k-k
  • A great hands-on learning tool for any classroom!
  • Made of durable plastic

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    By Anon in Texas on June 13, 2017

    I like these okay I like these okay. This is one of those items that you just have to understand what you’re getting. They are plastic, which I don’t like. They are poorly engineered, in that the inner pieces do not fit properly inside the outer pieces; when the inner pieces are placed inside the outer pieces, there is literally a space of several millimeters all the way around. Because of these issues, I would have preferred a metal set. However, this set is much more affordable. Had I not known what to expect…

    By Allison Lebaron on June 13, 2017

    These are fantastic! My children attend a fabulous Montessori school and … These are fantastic! My children attend a fabulous Montessori school and I have fallen in love with the program and materials and have been trying to find ways to furnish our home with supplies on a budget. The metal version is around $60 and they are gorgeous, but these fit the bill perfectly. The knobs are big enough for my 3 year old to grab comfortably and they all fit very well. I do wish the technical names of all the shapes (as taught in a Montessori Classroom) where inscribed on each…

    By Anonymous on June 13, 2017

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