Didax Educational Resources CVC Unifix Letter Cubes (Set of 90)

90 single-letter cubes (blue consonants and red vowels), with quantities based upon frequency of use. Lower case on one side, upper case on the other.

Product Features

  • For grades k-3
  • Plastic storage box and teacher guide are included
  • Teach reading with unifix!

More detailed information can be seen by clicking here…

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    By Outdoorsy Boy’s Mom on February 05, 2017

    Thank goodness for these letter cubes! My 5 year-old was getting SO frustrated with himself when it came to writing letters in the correct left-to-right order and spelling short words properly. He’s VERY much a tactile-kinesthetic learner and a building block addict so when I stumbled across these, I bought them immediately. The first time he began working with these blocks, he was able to “spell out” with blocks the three letter words written on a sheet of paper properly. Most of the time he likes to assemble random words and have…

    By Amazon Customer on February 05, 2017

    NOT recommended The first thing I noticed when the cubes arrived was that some of the letters were already scratched off! I tested some of the other letters, and they also scratched off very easily using my fingernail. I had to use a permanent marker to re-write the scratched letters, which will probably be more durable than the stamped letters it came with. It definitely was not worth the cost (I paid around $15), and I am worried the letters will not last long in the hands of my first graders. It seems…

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