Defining Teaching Excellence: The Characteristics, Practices and Experiences of Highly Effective Teachers

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This is an easy, yet very informative read for teachers who want to continuously improve their craft. The ideas, experiences, practices and characteristics shared in this book come directly from highly effective teachers using their exact words. The book is written in such a way that the reader will feel as though he/she is engaged in a comfortable, informal conversation with the featured highly effective teachers. Not only will the reader come away with meaningful insights into how and what these teachers do, the reader will also glean several helpful ideas that can be immediately implemented in any classroom. This book should also be read by school administrators looking for examples on how to improve instruction either in one-to-one improvement conversations with a struggling teacher and/or in general professional learning communities. The study questions and respective answers provided by the highly effective teachers may also serve as reference points when interviewing prospective teachers. Finally, this book should be included in teacher preparation programs. The teachers featured in this book provide years of valuable experiences, ideas and practices that are proven to be effective in any classroom setting. Prospective teachers will benefit greatly from reading about what works from the direct quotes of highly effective teachers as well as the supporting related literature.

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