Daily Handwriting Practice :Traditional Manuscript

Incorporated into the writing exercises in Daily Handwriting Practice, Traditional Manuscript, are many other basic areas of learning important to developing minds. For example, as students learn to clearly write, “The gray ant is in third place,” they are reinforcing their understanding of colors and ordinal numbers.

Students write letters, words, and sentences about a variety of content area topics appropriate for the primary classroom. Monday through Thursday, the weekly subjects for writing exercises range from nutrition to our solar system, pets to vehicles. On Friday, a full-page exercise draws the topic to a close by reviewing what was learned earlier that week.

This book is a useful and effective teaching tool because:

Each letter is introduced and practiced before students are asked to use it.

Practice includes the following important vocabulary words: colorwords

number words

cardinal and ordinal verbs

animal names days of the week and months sports

position words family members

Curriculum topics addressed include: nutrition , the solar system, the layers of the earth,recycling fractions, the continents geometric shapes,money, energy

Skills reinforced that help keep handwriting legible include: correct letter formation, letter placement, spacing between letters, and spacing between words.

When students complete this book, they will take away a self-made learning tool, because the final four weeks of practice assemble into an Alphabet Book about vehicles.

Engaging line art illustrations accompany every exercise. All 112 pages are reproducible for classroom use and perforated for easy removal. $14.95 each.

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    By L. K. Roden “Busy Mama of 3” on May 06, 2015

    Excellent tool for kids who hate to write! I found this book to be an excellent tool for my 1st grade son to practice his handwriting. He absolutely hates writing, and has a bad habit of forming letters the lazy way. We’re using this book to work on letters one at a time, and have found the daily layouts to be especially useful for this. Each Friday portion has an extra long portion to complete, which is a good review for the week’s letters. After a few weeks, he is conscious of forming his letters better, and his writing is more…

    By Monica Vickers on May 06, 2015

    Great Book 0

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