Counseling and Educational Research: Evaluation and Application

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The Second Edition of Counseling and Educational Research: Evaluation and Application emphasizes the importance of being a good consumer of research and teaches the practitioner how to conduct research in practice. Author Rick Houser uses concrete examples from the professional literature to demonstrate how to effectively evaluate and interpret research articles. In order to give the reader a chance to see the evaluation of an article from beginning to end, this new edition uses several articles throughout the book to illustrate the methods of evaluation and interpretation rather than using different articles for each segment of an article.

New to the Second Edition

  • Offers more material on qualitative research
  • Includes a new chapter on statistical methods
  • Provides a new chapter on mixed methods
  • Incorporates a new chapter on searching articles in professional journals and searching various online databases
  • Summarizes recent developments through a new chapter on evidence-based research
  • Presents new articles to draw on for examples
  • Gives ACA ethical guidelines and expanded coverage on program evaluation

Intended Audience
This book is specifically written for introductory courses in research methods at the advanced undergraduate and graduate levels in the fields of counseling, social work, education, and psychology.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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    By K. DeVitto “Ceit” on May 24, 2015

    Excellent premise, but falls short I am trying to figure out the best way to explain and review this book. On one hand it’s a good book because it has lots of information in it, but on the other hand it’s not designed well. I had to read this book for a class that I am taking this semester.Here are the issues I have with it.Chapter 3 Basics of Statistical MethodsHe shoves way too much information that should be handled in maybe two or three extensive chapters into 19 pages (p23-42). It’s…

    By Merdith Roach on May 24, 2015

    Yawn 0

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