CoolFlakes – Creative and Educational Interlocking Flakes for Boys and Girls (Mixed Colors) – 180 PCS

Introducing Cool Flakes the educational and creative toy for kids of all ages! Stimulating creativity and encouraging kids to build and explore; much like building blocks but with many more possibilities! Being a full half inch larger than similar products kids and adults alike are able to build bigger than ever before! Cool Flakes are made of high quality plastic and click together easily but stay strongly attached. Help children learn visualization, spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination all while building fantastic structures! Suitable for kids aged 3 years and up as the flakes may pose a choking hazard. 100% NON-TOXIC and BPA-free meaning they’re safe for children’s playtime!


· Bag of either 120 or 180 Cool Flakes in the color of your choice or mixed!

· Two axles and four wheels to create an awesome Cool Flakes car or truck!

· Included booklet with even more building ideas to help spur children’s imagination!

Product Features

  • CoolToys Cool Flakes are the perfect toy for kids of all ages. Each bag comes with 180 building flakes. Great for boys and girls! A full half inch larger than similar products. Each Cool Flake has 13 connectors compared to only 8 in similar products, and the middle connector (unique to Cool Flakes) gives you even more building possibilities. BUILD BIGGER!
  • Cool Flakes are made of high quality plastic in fun snowflake designs. The flakes click together easily and stay strongly attached to make the building possibilities endless. The bag also includes 2 axles and 4 wheels for even more constructive fun.
  • Cool Flakes are not only fun but educational as well. Teaching spatial awareness and planning similar to building blocks, but with far more opportunities to let your creativity shine!
  • Good for hours of play! Cool Flakes inspire creativity and allow for endless creation. Allow your kids to explore their imaginations and UNLEASH THEIR INNER ENGINEERS.
  • Cool Flakes are child-safe and 100% BPA free. Suitable for kids aged 3+, may pose a choking hazard to younger children.

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    By FunTimes on July 15, 2017

    Fun! I love these Cool Flakes! They seem to be made of high quality plastic. They snap together pretty easily and stay together real well. These can bring out the creativity because they are just like building blocks. I’m a teacher and plan on bringing them to use in my classroom. They came with 120 Cool Flakes in the color you choose. Mine had two axles and four wheels to make a neat vehicle. You could also build whatever you want. There was also a booklet that had other building ideas and a…

    By Anonymous on July 15, 2017

    This is a really fun, unique item. It is recommended for ages 3 and over due to the small size of the pieces. You receive 180 flower/snowflake shaped pieces and included are axles and wheels too. There is an instruction/idea book as well as a fabric bag to store the pieces in when not being used. They are colorful and easy to build with, the parts slide together easily and don’t come apart. You can let your imagination run wild and build people,…

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