Case Studies for Educational Leadership: Solving Administrative Dilemmas

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Case Studies for Educational Leadership gives educational leadership students an opportunity to project themselves into real-life administrative situations and prepare for their future positions in the field. Each case study contained in this practical first edition book asks students to analyze complex problems, consider the moral ramifications of their approach, think on their feet, and ultimately solve the issue at hand.


Appropriate as a supplemental text or a main text to a range of educational leadership courses, this text thoroughly presents the key areas of educational leadership, including instructional leadership; ethics and management; organization and development of curriculum and its alignment with instruction with assessment; supervision of personnel; school community relations and strategic planning; and diversity issues in educational leadership.




  • “Here’s What Happened” features following each case study share the true-life story of a real school administrator and prepare readers for realistic situations.   
  • “Ethical consideration” components within each case study encourage students to reflect upon different approaches to solving the case studies, as well as the possible moral ramifications of each decision. 
  • Covers multiple administrative positions, such as department chair, assistant principal, principal and central office administrator, preparing readers for a range of educational leadership positions.  
  • ISLLC standards alignment and cross-reference charts allow readers to draw parallels between standards and case studies.

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    By D. Nalesnik on February 20, 2018

    Bought it for a class I bought the text as required reading for an administrative course. I found the various scenarios interesting and thought provoking. My professor would have us read the scenarios and respond with what our reactions would be if placed in the theoretical situation of the administrators. What was most valuable to me was the various reactions and ensuing discussions among classmates with differing opinions. The text sets out to make you think about the entire gamut of responsibilities principals…

    By Barbara Campbell on February 20, 2018

    This book is being used to train future administrators in …

    By momof2 on February 20, 2018

    Five Stars

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