Brain Freeze From MIGHTY FUN, Award-Winning Board Game for Kids and Families, Fun and Educational Game to Learn Strategy, Logic, Deduction and Memory, Ages 5 and Up

Parents! It’s awesome to give your kids a game to play that’s so much fun they just can’t put it away, right? Well, what if that amazing game also benefits the brain every time they play? Even better! Introducing Brain Freeze, the game one expert game reviewer said was one of the best games he has ever seen for teaching kids logic and deduction! This cool new kids strategy game of secret sweet treats helps develop important mental skills through exciting back-and-forth game play! In Brain Freeze, two players or teams race to correctly guess the secret sweet treat that the other player or team has chosen. Using only strategic thinking, memory, deduction and logic, players make guesses, record answers, and eliminate variables until they feel they can correctly guess the opponent’s secret sweet treat. Guess right and Win, but guess wrong and…you got a Brain Freeze! Brain Freeze has received a 2016 Tillywig Toy Awards Brain Child award, awarded to products that “energize the mind while seamlessly blending fun and learning”. Brain Freeze is an ideal game to introduce strategy, logic and deduction to younger kids in a fun manner they’ll enjoy, making the process of learning important skills they’ll benefit from in school and life a joy! And with a minimal amount of pieces, Brain Freeze is fast to set-up, easy to learn, and always provides a fun mental challenge for hours and hours of play that never gets old. Game Includes: 2 Telepathy Grid Boards, 2 Secrecy Shields with stands, 2 Dry Erase Pens, 2 Dry Erase Wipe Cloths, Rulebook

Product Features

  • Like Guess Who and Mastermind – combines favorite elements of popular classic strategy games into a unique new kids game
  • A Fun Game That Also Benefits the Brain – kids learn and reinforce important mental skills every time they play
  • Award-Winning Game Play You Can Trust – Tillywig Toy Awards BRAIN CHILD Winner for 2016
  • Spend More Time Playing – quick to set up with minimal game components and easy to learn, so kids can focus on playing
  • Game Time is Family Time – for ages 5-10, a perfect co-operative game for parents and kids, ether playing head-to-head or on the same team

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    By M.Mae. on December 02, 2016

    Promoting Social Skills My specialty is in Early Childhood Education, I am also a mother. My reviews are based on products durability, safety, and how it fosters a child developmentally.I always encourage children to play board games. Board games have the ability to promote so many cognitive, social, and small motor skills, all while having fun.Pros and Noted Drawbacks:- Well made 2 player game.- Age range for this game is 5-10 years (older kids could play as well). I see the…

    By Amanda taylor on December 02, 2016

    Our family loves this game! We love this bored game!! My daughters are five and six and have been playing this game on a regular basis sense we received it almost a month ago. It is fairly easy and quick to learn and understand, but none the less very fun and entertaining! Perfect for early grade school children! I had to sit down and play with my daughters about the first five times they played just to make sure they fully understood how to play the game properly. After that, they have played perfect and with much…

    By Sburns on December 02, 2016

    Brain Freeze game

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