Ask and Answer “Why?” Questions Card Deck – Super Duper Educational Learning Toy for Kids

Teachers and parents send us more thank you letters about this innovative “Ask and Answer” card series than any other product we’ve ever developed. Why? The art is child-friendly; the “Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?” questions are easy to understand; and kids of all ages love to play card games…That’s a winning combination!

Ask and Answer “Why?” Cards feature: – 56 illustrated cards (2 ½” x 3 ½”) – 28 “Why?” Question/Answer card pairs – Game ideas and content cards – Packaged in a sturdy storage tin Ask and Answer “WH” Cards may be purchased on Amazon as a 5-deck combo or as individual card decks (Who?, What?, When?, Where? Why?).

Product Features

  • 56 colorfully illustrated cards (2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″) – 28 pairs of “Why?” Question/Answer cards (i.e., Why do you go to school?… To learn)
  • Includes master questions, storage tin, and game ideas, and storage tin
  • Stimulates language development, improved vocabulary, and basic reasoning skills
  • Over 30 Super Duper Publications Apps available on the Amazon Appstore for Android
  • You might enjoy our other Ask and Answer “WH” Card Decks- also available on Amazon

More detailed information can be seen by clicking here…

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    By arnold on August 04, 2016

    Four Stars

    By Cheryl L. Alexander on August 04, 2016

    Two Stars

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