Amy & Benton 3 in 1 Educational Learning Puzzles for Kids 3-5 Years Old Matching Puzzles for Preschool Toddlers including Alphabet Counting and Sports Puzzles 60PCS

Amy & Benton Educational Puzzle Kit

Why choose our learning puzzle set?

Cause it helps babies learning through playing.

Play is essential to early development.
3 in 1 educational puzzles enhance young kids’ memory, recognition and counting.
Beautiful illustration attract toddlers to learn, spell and count.
They will know about numbers, animals & sports.
It’s a wonderful educational gift toy for kids age 3-5.

This Puzzle Set includes:

20 Number puzzles:
10 counting puzzles from 1-10
10 mathematics puzzles from 1-5

26 alphabet puzzles:
26 animal: ant, brown squirrel, cat, dog, elephant, flamingo, goat, horse, iguana, jellyfish, koala, lion, monkey, narwhal, owl, penguin, quail, shark, tortoise, unicorn,violet bat,whale, xeme, yak, zebra

14 sports puzzles:
Running, swimming, basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, hockey, tennis, golf, roller skating, windsurfing,skiing, motor racing, boxing,

Box Size: 8.19*6.73*2.2 in
Box Weight: 1.72 lb

Product Features

  • 【Educational Puzzle Kit】:These puzzle cards will enhance kids recognition & counting ability, exercises their hands-eyes coordination and boost brain memory development.
  • 【3 in 1 Learning Puzzles】:60 pieces including 20 number puzzles (10 counting from 1-10 and 10 mathematics from 1-5 ), 26 alphabet puzzles (matching with 26 lovely animals) and 14 popular sports puzzles.
  • 【Beautiful Color Box】:A decent gift for preschool boys & girls. Easy to storage and carry with.
  • 【Specification】:Size: 8.19*6.73*2.2 in; Weight: 1.72 lb
  • 【Promotion】:Please check the code if you buy more than 2 items in Amy & Benton

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