Amazing Premier Toy – Educational Magnetic Building Tiles Blocks Toy, 66 pcs (64 shapes + 2 wheels), portable flannel storage bag

Amazing Premier – Toy : Magnetic Building Blocks

What does it benefit your kids?
* Creativity: by exploring kids’ brain
* Logical thinking and problem solving: through try and error; and build and break
* Cognitive ability: recognise color, 2D-shape, 3D-model
* Interpersonal communication skills: It can be also a cooperative building game, which can make your kids become friendlier and enhance their social skills.
* Excellent Family Game: Play with your kids, which can increase interactions and enhance relationship between you and your kids.

Why choose Amazing Premier – Toy’s Magnetic Building Blocks?
* High quality ABS material is used to make it durable and its smooth edge let your kids play it safely.
* The toy has sufficient tiles to build – no matter you want to build ROBOT, SUBMARINE, SLIDE, RACING CAR, AIRPLANE, TURTLE, SNAIL, ROCKET, GARDEN, BRIDGE, HOUSE, etc.
* With our flannel portable storage bag, you can bring some building tiles neatly when going outside with your kids, so you can let your kids build and build, when you want them to stay on their chair.

What is in the box?
* Magnetic square x 38
* Magnetic triangle x 24
* Magnetic hexagon x 2
* Wheel x 2
* Storage bag x 1


Product Features

  • [LOOKING FOR AN EXCELLENT GIFT FOR KIDS?] – Kids always like to BUILD and BREAK. Our magnetic tiles toy is definitely a great choice for this. Besides, it is also an amazing family game.
  • *[CONSIDERATING THE NUMBER OF PIECES AND SHAPES AVAILABLE?] – Try to imagine if there are too many different shapes/cards, how many tiles would be available for each shape? Answer is LITTLE ONLY, which may not let your kids build freely. Therefore our magnetic building blocks toy mainly contains fundamental shapes (38 SQUARE, 24 TRIANGLE, 2 HEXAGON, 2 WHEEL) which can let your kids build tons of models.
  • *[WHERE TO STORE THE TOY?] – The flannel portable storage bag allows us to store the magnetic tiles neatly and make it portable. Moreover, the magnetic characteristic of the toy makes the magnetic tiles stick all together when tidying up, i.e. easy storage.
  • [SAFE TO PLAY?] – The toy is made of high quality ABS material. Moreover, its smooth edge let your kids play it safely.
  • [EXPLORING CREATIVITY AND SKILLS?] – Kids can put the magnetic tiles together in a variety of ways (both 2D and 3D), which can let your kids arise creative ideas and enhance their ability on solving divergent problems.

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    By Anonymous on March 01, 2017

    It’s really a GREAT toy for my daughter. Actually she likes to play wooden building blocks, but this magnetic toy really arouses her interest, as the magnetic tiles can stick together which can let her build in some interesting ways.The toy has sufficient tiles to build many things – even an excavator, plane, robot (She puts wheels on the robot, making it like a transformer).Besides, I get an electronic format (.pdf) instruction guide by following the insert instruction…

    By Anonymous on March 01, 2017

    It’s REALLY a great toy. My girl loves in it. What really amazing me is how the toy induces my girl’s imagination with fun. Last night, she made a cap with 2 triangles on it and put it on her head. Then she said sweetly “I’m a CAT”. Note that – I never teach her to make the cap. i.e. She made it solely by her imagination. It’s really amazing.Besides, the portable bag inside can let us store the toy neatly, and I can use it to bring some tiles when we go outside in order to…

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