About Teaching Mathematics: A K-8 Resource (4th Edition)

In this fourth edition of her signature resource, Marilyn presents her current thinking and insights and includes ideas from her most recent teaching experiences.

 Part 1, “Starting Points,” reflects the major overhaul of this book and addresses twenty-three issues important to thinking about teaching mathematics today.

 Part 2, “Problem-Solving Investigations,” opens with how to plan problem-solving lessons; followed by whole-class, small-group, and individual investigations organized into five areas of the curriculum: Measurement, Data, Geometry, Patterns and Algebraic Thinking, and Number and Operations.

 Part 3, “Teaching Arithmetic,” focuses on the cornerstone of elementary mathematics curriculum, offering ideas and assessments that build students’ understanding, confidence, and competence in arithmetic.

 In Part 4, “Questions Teachers Ask,” features Marilyn’s responses to pedagogical questions she’s received from teachers over the years.

More than forty reproducibles for About Teaching Mathematics are available to download in a printable format.

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    By Melissa M. Luedtke on July 08, 2018

    Conceptual math instruction at its best Excellent resource for K-8 math teachers and pre-service teachers. I use this book at the college level as the foundation for my elementary math methods class, but it would be equally as valuable to an elementary teacher. Burns stresses big ideas in teaching conceptual math, not by providing a bunch of printable activities for kids to do that can fragment math skills and be just another worksheet, but by providing hands-on ideas using manipulatives and visuals to help kids see the meaning in…

    By ATLAS on July 08, 2018

    Great for homeschooling! I have reviewed a lot of homeschooling math curricula and ‘living books’. We have a few good puzzle and problem solving books, and we also really like Life of Fred, but “About Teaching Mathematics” is going to make a great spine! Now, I feel like our math program is complete.1. Broad and thorough, covering all all concepts K-8.2. Easy to read, not an excess of information that can tend to weigh us home-schoolers down. This is written for elementary teachers who, as…

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