ZOZ iBlock Fun LOZ Diamond Nano Block Disney Mickey Mouse Featuring Batman Educational Toy 230pcs


Micro Blocks help sharpen budding builders’ gross and fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and storytelling capabilities.
Micro Blocks are complex puzzles that induce cognitive skills during play. They may lead to increased sustained attention, selective attention and divided attention.


An alternative to large, expensive building sets! Great option for people who enjoy Legos and want to try something different. Great level of detail!
Micro-sized building blocks make detailed models of buildings, bridges, animals, instruments, trucks, planes, space shuttles and more.


Made from high-quality durable green material, micro blocks are flexible and won’t damage easily.
Micro blocks have non-toxic and non-corrosive particles, and their smooth surface is designed specifically for children. Rounded corners make them kid-safe.

Product Features

  • LOZ Gift Series Diamond Blocks.
  • Join in the 3D mini modelling block craze sweeping the world. Challenging three-dimensional puzzle with amazingly small sized building blocks.
  • Age: 9 years and up (suitable for both young and old). Promotes fine motor skills and attention skills.
  • 100% Brand new in manufacturer’s sealed package.
  • Material:ABS plastics, durable and non-toxic.

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