Wild Animals! Fun, Educational Food Chain Card Game by National Geographic; Animal Planet Coloring and Activity Pouch; Wild Animal Music CD with Activity Pages; 3-pc

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Learn about the food chain and which animals are carnivores (meat-eaters), herbivores (plant-eaters), or omnivores (meat -and-plant-eaters).

Product Features

  • Food Chain Game by National Geographic has 36 cards and game instructions. Played like Go Fish.
  • Animal Planet 24 Coloring and Activity Pages in a resealable Pouch- includes 4 crayons and a sheet of stickers.
  • Sing…Read…Learn! series includes 12 fun songs and pictures that teach about lions, tigers, goals, reptiles and more!
  • Terrific game, CD and activity pages that are educational and informative. Learn while having fun!
  • Educational Easter Basket surprise gifts for the animal lover in your life!

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