The Rainbow Fish Share and Sparkle Game

Set in the wonderful world of the Rainbow Fish, this cooperative game is about sharing the fun! Players must work together to collect all of The Rainbow Fish’s sparkly scales so it can swim in the waves before they reach shore. This is a fun game that teaches children that everyone wins when they all share and work together. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Marcus Pfister’s wonderful children’s story, MindWare has created a product line set in the magical underwater world of The Rainbow Fish universe. In creation of these items, we have worked closely with the publisher to provide entertaining experiences featuring the original characters and artwork. Each item delivers a new and delightful way for kids and adults to experience, appreciate and play in this classic tale.

Product Features

  • TOYS THAT TEACH: The Share and Sparkle Game from MindWare teaches children about colors, counting, benefits of delayed gratification and how most things can be accomplished when you work together – all within the delightful underwater setting created by Marcus Pfister.
  • COOPERATIVE PLAY: The Rainbow Fish loves to swim in the waves as the tide comes in. But to catch a wave, The Rainbow Fish needs to have all of his scales in place. Players must work together to collect and share scales so The Rainbow Fish is ready for the ride before the wave reaches the shore.
  • PREPARE FOR PRESCHOOL: This cooperative game from MindWare teaches young children about the fun and satisfaction of working together. The Share and Sparkle Game also teaches color recognition, counting, planning and sharing.
  • INCLUDES: Sea board, four Rainbow Fish boards, marker with stand, 29 scales, die and rules

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