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What is Chain of Generations?

The foundation of Judaism is the agreement made between the first Jew Abraham and God and the continuum of events leading up to the receiving the Torah by Moses and the entire nation at Sinai, which since then has been passed down, exactly as given, from one generation to the next.

This chain itself is the evidence that Jewish philosophy is eternal and God-given universal truth, that is being kept intact precisely as intended over 3300 years and 127 generations, giving the world the basis for absolute morality and values.

This is why after thousands of years of dissemination worldwide, it doesn’t matter whether you walk into a synagogue in New York, Jerusalem or Moscow, you will be able feel connected to a community of people who share your heritage.

Being part of the Jewish community means always having a home, no matter where you may be or how much you are familiar with all the ceremonies and laws. One nation – one heart.

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Product Features

  • AFTER 3300 YEARS IT’S STILL RELEVANT! – Whether you are a student at Stanford, a trader on Wall Street, or a violinist for the Philharmonic, what does the Torah that your distant relatives received at Sinai have to do with you? Chain of Generations is here to illustrate in a simple and accessible manner how the Jewish philosophy now in our hands has been passed on intact, through a direct chain from God via Moses for all the generations until today.
  • FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION – Accumulated wisdom and insight of the Jewish tradition has been passed from one generation to the next. Every Jewish person is as a link in a sacred chain. However, transferring our legacy is not automatic. Today it’s a challenge to pass on the values. This product makes you realize the honor to be a part of the Jewish nation and the responsibility that rests on your shoulders to learn the tradition and to pass it on.
  • A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS! – You can teach your kids about Jewish history, you can read books and tell stories, but today, when children are overwhelmed with information and surrounded by screens, it’s not enough to penetrate the wall of “boring!”. You need something more interactive that a child can play with and identify with. The Chain of Generations is a perfect combination of game quality gadget with meaningful Jewish content.
  • THE VALUES AND THE HISTORY ARE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS – Today we live a hectic busy life, running from one task to another and our children learn from us to manage in the instant coffee world. And if they have a question? They would probably search the Internet before asking you. This product in a second connects you and your child to something deep and eternal that no TV or Internet can replace and makes you want to learn more about the Jewish philosophers that influenced world culture.
  • A PRESENT THAT TOUCHES THE HEART – Chain of Generations is a perfect gift idea for ages 8-120. On the one hand it’s a spinner-like viral gadget that is fun to play with while awakening the curiosity to ask question and to know more. On the other hand it’s a visual representation of the entire Jewish heritage that connects you with your roots and makes you think of your own identity in this world and your place in the next world.

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