Super Magnetic Crazy Silly Magnet Desk Awesome Fun Toy BG EA

Specifications: Material: Silicone Grease Box material: metal Color: gold, black, purple, silver, green, blue Net weight: 58g Package included: 1 box of Plasticine 1x Magnetic Cube

Product Features

  • 1.It is infused with super-tiny magnetic properties with much stronger magnetic force compare the previous version.
  • 2.This product is an educational toy for the growing kids, who need to understand what is the magnetic field and how various materials can attract or repel each other.
  • 3.This item is also a play tool for growing to grown ones, who needs a good time pass on their leisure time, travel time or other.
  • 4.This is a great item for anyone who likes to play with magnets and is interested in the magical magnetic field. It becomes a magnet itself and with this invisible force it can lift up tacks and paperclips.
  • 5.When you place the magnet cube towards it, it reacts in seconds, pulling it with them. It is exactly as fun as shown in the pictures, the actual ones we took by our own.

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    By richard gusler on February 06, 2017

    Three Stars

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