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Do you want to have fun with your friends and family? Do you want your kids and grandchildren to become smarter and more brilliant? If your answer is YES, then check out this new board game called SQUAREMINO designed by Frost & Frost!

SQUAREMINO is a fun, educational, and strategic tile game, great for family game nights and socializing, as well as learning for kids! It enhances children’s cognitive, analytical, and strategic thinking prowess. Kids will love to compete against siblings and friends at home, school, or parties. It sharpens your mind and makes your kids or grandchildren more intelligent and more strategic! Adults will enjoy an awesome quality time playing Squaremino with friends or with their kids and grandchildren.

SQUAREMINO is simple enough for children and strategic enough for adults to play. Players of all skill levels can enjoy this tile game. Anyone can learn to play Squaremino in a few minutes. It is a fast playing game, 10 – 20 minutes to play each round for 2-4 players.

Look can be deceiving. Don’t be fooled by its simple but unique square domino-like look. The Squaremino tiles are elegantly designed and patented. The well-designed game rules incorporate both cooperation and competition, both individual play and the whole game structure. Players take turns adding sets and sequences to a public network of tiles, attempting to be the first to play all of their tiles.

Explore new sensory experience! Indulge yourself with the generously-sized and beautifully hand-painted white deluxe plastic Squaremino tiles. Touch and feel the smooth tile surface and listen to the pleasing tile shuffling sound. Please your eyes with elegant and artistic tile structure layout image by the game’s end. The Squaremino board game playing experience will certainly give you a whole new mesmerizing sensory enjoyment and excitement!

Product Features

  • Half the domino. Twice the fun! Fun for all ages 6 and up, great for family game nights and socializing.
  • Easy to learn, yet strategic, engaging, and educational, perfect for school classroom.
  • Enhance children’s cognitive, analytical, and strategic thinking prowess. Great learning tool for children.
  • Sharpen your mind, strengthening your decision-making skills and winning mindset.
  • For 2-4 players, 10-20 minutes playing time, including 64 deluxe plastic tiles and detailed color instructions. Ship in one business day via USPS Priority Mail.

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