Sing, Watch, & Learn Spanish (DVD + Guide): 16 Fun Music Videos to Introduce Your Child to Spanish

Latin rhythms that will get your kids singing in Spanish

Sing, Watch, and Learn Spanish helps your kids ages four through eight take a giant step in learning Spanish by combining two time-honored methods kids have always used to develop their language skills: Imitating other kids and singing along with simple melodies. This charming DVD contains 16 music videos featuring kids engaged in fun activities, from visiting animals at the zoo to comparing clothing sizes in grandma’s closet.

Each video features an original song of authentic Latin rhythms that gets kids singing along with the children on screen. As they watch, listen, and sing along, kids absorb 300 Spanish words, each of which is shouted out in a song and displayed as a subtitle on screen.

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    By SpanishIsFun! on August 21, 2017

    Grown ups even like it!

    By Anonymous on August 21, 2017

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