Screened Clean Gravel From Crater Of Diamonds State Park With Guaranteed Diamond

3 ounce bag with screened, clean gravel from Crater Of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas. May contain lamproite, amethyst, banded agate, jasper, peridot, garnet, quartz, calcite, barite, serpentine and hematite and a GUARANTEED diamond in each bag. See pictures for size and color and what the diamond will look like. It will take some searching but I have placed a raw diamond in each bag (diamond is not from Crater Of Diamonds State Park). This is material I personally collected and screened. Very educational for all ages. Screened size may vary.

Product Features

  • Very Unique & Educational
  • Diamond Guaranteed Each Bag
  • Approx. 5pt. Diamond (100pts. = 1 carat)

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