Pocket Learner Educational Development System

The Pocket Leaner Educational Development System is a multi-award-winning educational system which helps young children to develop vocabulary, reading and communication. It has proven effective in building confidence, particularly in children with special educational needs, effectively complementing traditional learning methodologies. Whether a child was diagnosed with Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Global Developmental Delay, Dyslexia or other learning disabilities the Pocket Learner Educational System can help. It fosters learning in children and adults in a non-threatening way, enabling them to engage in education and boost their independence. The Pocket Learner System can be applied to the learning of a range of subject areas and be used by individuals who simply embrace another way of learning. It is useful not only to disabled children but to any child or adult with learning and reading issues. The system is extremely flexible and offers an easier way to study and revise any subject or to learn foreign languages. It consists of a range of materials, the main workbook and cards being the primary elements. This set consists of a wire-bound workbook along with two sets of cards with the themes: ‘Vegetables’ and ‘Farm Animals’. Additional cards are sold separately covering a wide range of themes. The Pocket Learner has won three international awards to date: – International European Women Inventors & Innovators Network Awards (2015) – Special Recognition Award for Ingenious & Innovative Achievements – British Invention Society – World Invention Awards (2014) Silver Medal – British Female Inventors and Innovators Network International Special Recognition Award (2014).

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