Parsh-O Card Game by Jewish Educational Toys

Parsh-O is a card game where players attempt to arrange their cards (which correspond to biblical books of the Torah) in correct ascending order. Parsho-O is a variation of the game Racko where players attempt to be the first to arrange their numbered cards is ascending sequence. Perfect for 2 to 4 players. Recommended for ages 8 to adult. Game includes four racks with ten slots. Four key cards in both English and Hebrew, 54 Parsh-O cards, 2 standard dice and instructions.

Product Features

  • Organize your Parsha Cards in an ascending order. Plays similar to Racko Card game.
  • Includes 54 parsha cards, 4 card stands, 4 Parsha Reference Cards, Easy to Understand Instructions.
  • Great family game (Hebrew themed) for ages 8 to 105 years.
  • Play in English or Hebrew. Instructions in English, French and Hebrew.
  • Score extra points when creating an unbroken sequence of runs within your parshiot.

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    By Sandrea on March 21, 2017

    Great Game

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    By Anonymous on March 21, 2017

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