Maryland State Educational Million Dollar Bill W Map, Seal, Flag, Capitol – Lot of 25 Bills

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These are GREAT looking bills that have Full Color on front and Back !!! Same size as real USA money. This is a Novelty bill for collectable purposes only… Great conversation starter, gift or Look great framed!! Features of this bill include. • A map of Maryland is in the middle on front with a Star and Stripes background • Underneath the map is the date Maryland became a state – April 28, 1788 • Along the top is “Maryland Million Dollar Note” • Along the bottom is the state slogan: More Than You Can Imagine • The front also features the State Seal and the State Flag • Serial number “MARYLAND1788” • “This note pays tribute to the 7th State of the United States of America ” • Signed by “The Old Line State” – State Nickname and Annapolis, Maryland – the State Capitol • The back has a picture of the State House in Anapolis • Also pictured is the State Tree – White Oak, the State Flower – Black-eyed Susan and the State Bird – Baltimore Oriole • The state motto is also written on the back: “Fatti maschii parole femine (Strong Deeds, Gentle Words)” • Written across the bottom on back is” Maryland State Million” • Full color on front and BACK

Product Features

  • Lot of 25 bills
  • Same size as US currency
  • Made on high quality printing press
  • Full color front and back
  • Great conversation starter, gift, teaching tool or looks great framed

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