Makedo Cardboard Construction Scru Expansion Pack – Includes 75 Reusable Makedo Scrus – Perfect for In-Classroom STEM Learning and At-Home Play – Suitable for Children Age 4+

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Not a Box

It is often said that kids like to play with the box more than the toy inside it. That is the simple idea behind Makedo Cardboard Construction tools. Turn a plain box into a dog, a robot, a dollhouse, a fort, or anything else the imagination can conjure. Be transported from a classroom or living room into a self-made creative play space.

The Makedo SCRU EXPANSION pack extends the open-ended Makedo Cardboard Construction Tools project kit that provides your kids with simple tools that, combined with everyday cardboard, create sturdy, substantial and immersive play environments. Not only will your kids have the coolest play area in the universe, but they’ll also have the pride and accomplishment of knowing they built it themselves.

All You Need Is A Cardboard Box

The SCRU EXPANSION pack includes 75 reusable Makedo cardboard construction SCRUs only – the rest is up to you. Your kids can even follow along with an online video of what others have built. The construction tools can also be reused for other fun construction projects, recycling ordinary cardboard into imaginative play. The only limit is their imagination.

Creative And Educational – Perfect for STEM Learning

Constructing and playing with Makedo Cardboard Construction Tools teaches kids a range of important skills, including collaboration, spatial awareness, and problem solving skills. It also lets kids tap into their imagination, and create fun games and scenarios. It really is the type of toy that will make their future brighter.

Let Your Children Build Their Own Play Area And Bring Their Imagination To Life – Pick Up The Makedo SCRU EXPANSION Pack Today

Product Features

  • BRING IMAGINATION TO LIFE: With Makedo’s reusable cardboard construction tools, kids aged 6+ or as young as 4 with adult guidance, can build anything they imagine.
  • CREATING MORE IS SIMPLE: This kit contains 75 SCRUs only. Combine with your existing Makedo tools to make even bigger and better creations.
  • VERSATILE AND STRONG: Cardboard is a readily available, free and unlimited building block that can be folded, sawed and hole-punched while maintaining its durability. Better still, it can be reused and recycled.
  • OPEN-ENDED PLAY: With the pride of independent making, Makedo creations then open the door to imaginative play where the child is protagonist in a hackable world of their own making.
  • STEM LEARNING: The awesomeness of Makedo is that children learn by doing, creating, experimenting, failing and maybe succeeding but that’s not essential. Ideal for collaborative creative environments such as classrooms, maker spaces, museums and of course homes.

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