Magnet Expert 11 x 6 x 75mm Educational Alnico Bar Magnets with North and South Identified (Pack of 2)

A pack of 2 – 11 x 6 x 75mm thick Educational Alnico Bar Magnets – North & South Identified. The NORTH pole is on the 11mm x 6mm rectangular face painted red and the SOUTH is on the opposite face painted blue. These magnets have a epoxy paint coating that helps protect the magnet. These magnets are held in place by the Magnetic Face and have a maximum operating temperature of 500 degrees C. Supplied with keepers and ideal for school and science projects. Alnico bar magnets have been used in science lessons for many years and are one of the most widely recognised types of magnets available.

Product Features

  • Magnetic Face: 11 x 6mm
  • Length: 75mm
  • Plating: Epoxy Paint
  • Max Temp (degrees C): 500
  • Fixing: Magnetic Face

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