LOZ Diamond Blocks Nanoblock Hello Kitty Featuring Iron Man Educational Toy 120pcs

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DISCOVER LOZ MICRO BLOCKS • Great VALUE, an alternative to large, expensive building sets! • Great option for people who enjoy Legos and want to try something different • Great level of detail! Micro-sized building blocks make detailed models of buildings, bridges, animals, instruments, trucks, planes, space shuttles and more EDUCATIONAL TOOL • Micro Blocks help sharpen budding builders’ gross and fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and storytelling capabilities • Micro Blocks are complex puzzles that induce cognitive skills during play. They may lead to increased sustained attention, selective attention and divided attention QUALITY & SAFETY • Made from high-quality durable green material, micro blocks are flexible and won’t damage easily. • Micro blocks have non-toxic and non-corrosive particles, and their smooth surface is designed specifically for children. Rounded corners make them kid-safe Satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED. Click above to get yours today.

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    By Anonymous on November 14, 2018

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