Liberty Imports Whack A Mole Classic Electronic Arcade Game | Kids Educational Musical Learning Bilingual Toy (Green)

NEW Edition! This Classic Arcade Wack A Mole Game Never Gets Old. The goal of whack-a-mole is to beat 36 total levels and get the highest score possible. For every level that you beat, the speed increases. It Looks Quite Simple, Just Whack A Mole And Score A Point. But It’s Not That Easy. You Need Smart Reflexes And Good Hand-eye Coordination To Ace The Game. Whack as many moles as you can! There are 3 modes option. The first one (L1) is music mode. The second (L2) is English mode. The Third is Spanish modes (L3). Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). Ages 3 and Up.

Product Features

  • NEW EDITION Whack-a-mole game features 7 colorful moles. Each Mole Has a Different Color.
  • When a mole lights up, whack it with the hammer! Mole Lightens As It Come Up So You Can Hit It.
  • 36 levels: 4 speeds, 9 levels per speed. Game Keeps The Score So You Need Not Keep A Track
  • Keeps score, catchy sounds, option to turn off sounds. Bilingual Language (English/Spanish Modes)
  • Makes A Great Toy To Take While On The Go. Great for training reaction ability and hand-eye coordination

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    By JC on October 15, 2018

    Very good whack-a-mole game I was looking for a whack-a-mole type game and bought this and two other models from Little Treasures. I did not see any reviews for this model so it made me hesitant but compared to the other models the items packaging was very good and the game play is excellent. I know packaging isn’t really important but after seeing the other toys and this model I thought it was worth mentioning because it was so much better and would be great to give as a gift.As for the game play, the moles…

    By Jerry Hildebrand on October 15, 2018

    like a crash Peace Corps experience I direct an international internship program called the Ambassador Corps. It places highly qualified university interns with social enterprises in developing countries for 12 weeks in the summer…one intern per organization…like a crash Peace Corps experience. This summer we have 28 students serving all over the developing world in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In one of our staff meetings where we review the current status of all the interns, someone commented that it feels like we…

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